Here’s a gallery of motion media projects ranging from 3D product animations to product launching sales videos. Software used includes Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro.

SE Graphics' product animation demo reel.

SE Graphics' motion graphic design demo reel

3D animated product launch for Thermador.

3D animation showing the features of a new sewer cleaning truck. Produced for a trade show reveal.

Industrial product animation.

Animation showing the features of a new range hood. Several animations were created for this product line, this is for Venmar Chef, and has a French Canadian voice over.

Sales video highlighting the water recycling features on a Camel sewer cleaning truck. 

Agricultural equipment sales video.

Looking for something specific?

If there’s a specific type of project example you’re looking for that’s not shown in the samples above, please let me know. SE Graphics is always working on new motion graphic design projects that we’d be happy to share, if we can, (sometimes the content is confidential and we aren’t able to share or post on line). Feel free to check out the SE Graphics Vimeo page too.

More samples on Vimeo